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It's Your Time

We are two registered dietitans, passionate about helping those who are frustrated with their diet and health.  We can help can help you take back control of your life and live a more stress free lifestyle making while still making healthy choices and enjoying the things you love.  We do this through our expert nutrition guidance and ongoing support and accountability.    

Between the two of us, we have 11 years of nutrition counseling experience.  We have the knowledge and we were sharing everything we know, but lets face it- when we get busy and life gets tough, the first thing we let go of is our health (ourselves).  We don't have time, we are starving, what do we buy, what can we eat, how can I exercise if I hate working out, I don't have time, I have kids... the list goes on and on.  We wanted to do more to help people!


This is what inspired us to become nutrition and fitness coaches.  We wanted to do more to help people.  We need to hold ourselves accountable!  We need to talk to ourselves with kinder words.  We need to prioritize our lives better. We need to eat foods that nourish our bodies.  We need to improve our relationship with food and throw guilt out the window!

Accountability coaching can turn your hopes and dreams into action!  We feel passionate about this program because we don't see how you can fail.  We are with you each day, communicating over facetime or text messaging. We are there for you every day to remind you why you started and offer constant support and ongoing guidance. You are worth it!  We will be there to remind you that it can be hard, and sometimes it is slow but that your hard work and patience will pay off.  

We can't wait to work with you!


Rachel and Brooke