I am Rachel, an graduate of Indiana University and obtained a Bachelors degree in Dietetics and minor in Psychology.  I completed my coordinated internship at Indiana State University while obtaining my Masters degree in Family and Consumer Science.  I began my career as an inpatient dietitian, and then continued my experience as an outpatient dietitians where I quickly fell in love with counseling clients.  Over the years I have realized that the counseling part is easy, people pick up quickly on what they should do, but life is tough and it is easy to fall off track.  It wasn't until I started my family, and now have two young boys, where accountability coaching starting speaking to my heart. I knew how to eat - I mastered in it - and I was an athlete in high school.  But I was working with kids at home (then I wasn't working), I was tired, I couldn't get meals prepared like I used to and I couldn't see where I could fit one second of exercise in my day!  This is where my focus changed, I couldn't be the only person putting my health on the back burner.  I still love to counsel, but I wanted to teach self-love, balanced eating so that you aren't starving, moving your body so that you felt energized instead of hopeless - behavior and attitude change.  This is how it all started for me - and we want to be there for YOU too!  



Hey everyone, I am Brooke!

I am a graduate of Purdue University where I double majored in Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness, & Health and earned a Bachelors of Science Degree. I completed by Dietetic Internship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MIchigan. I have been working as an inpatient Clinical Dietitian at Riverview Health for the past 5 years working predominantly in the Intensive Care Unit, Medical and Surgical floors, and in the Oncology Unit. I have also counseled outpatients on various topics such as weight loss, food allergies, diabetes education and general healthy eating.

I am a vegetarian of 13 years and have a passion for eating as clean as possible. I love a good dark roast coffee, I am always down for some tacos and I cant say no to a good cheese plate. I love to move by body everyday by doing some of my favorite exercises such as yoga, total body strength training and barre. I truly have a passion for helping people eat healthier and to learn how to eat for their body and for their personal overall well being. I cant wait to be your accountability health coach!


Brooke :)